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Habiba Jar - Ivory

Habiba Jar - Ivory

Handcrafted by
Tunis Village Artisans

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Stash away your kitchen essentials such as coffee, tea or sugar in one of these earthy statement jars.

These jars were handmade by our master ceramicist Rawiya. She was the first woman to open her own ceramics studio in her artisan village in Egypt and her success inspired her community to allow other women to work. #girlbossgoals right there. Read more about her story here.


MEASUREMENTS Approximately 4.5" W x 5" H
MATERIAL Clay from the banks of the Nile
COLOR Ivory, natural stoneware on bottom
ORIGIN Tunis Village, Egypt
CARE Handwash only
MADE IN SMALL BATCHES Due to the handcrafted nature of Baladi Home products, slight variations and imperfections are normal, to be expected, and enhance the authenticity.

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