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Why Egypt?

Egypt, located at the crossroads between Africa and the Middle East, has perhaps the oldest and richest cultural history in the world, ranging from the Ancient Egyptian civilization, to the Nubian kingdom, Coptic Christians, the Islamic civilization, the Bedouin tribes in the Sinai mountains and Siwa oasis in the Saharan desert, to modern day popular culture. There are centuries of design and endless inspiration to draw from.

Unfortunately there’s also many challenges faced by Egyptian artisans. With political instability and a virtually complete disappearance of tourism since the 2011 revolution, the Egyptian economy has nearly collapsed. Rising inflation is making it more difficult to afford the basics of life such as bread. These difficulties have many artisans reconsidering their craft. Is it sustainable to continue the work they have been doing for generations? Or should they leave their unique craftsmanship behind and go find work in the city instead?

This is where Baladi Home comes in. It is our mission to preserve centuries-old skills, and foster a respect for traditional craftsmanship by building a sustainable international marketplace for Egyptian artisan products. We are committed to paying Egyptian artisans fair trade wages and providing them with literacy classes, business skills workshops, and assistance in product design and development.

By focusing on partnering with artisans only in Egypt, our artisans can trust that we won't disappear as soon as the season or trend is over. This way we can foster long-lasting sustainable relationships built on trust and collaboration.

Each purchase from Baladi Home helps revive the Egyptian handicrafts industry and makes a direct impact to improve the lives of Egyptian artisans and their families.