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Social Responsibility

We believe home goods are more beautiful when they do good

We believe in the value of handmade, social responsibility, and fair trade. We believe in the power of business to make social change.

Our artisan partners can trust that they are paid first and paid fairly for their craftsmanship, so they never have to rely on charity. They never face the risks of exporting, currency devaluation and selling. After we discuss the desired product designs, the artisan partners name their price and get paid 50% of the agreed total, so they can easily buy any necessary materials. They are paid the remaining 50% when they finish their order. We then ship the inventory to our office in Michigan. 

We only work with artisans in Egypt so we can assure our artisans that this will be a long term partnership. We won't disappear when the trend is over.

By working with a large group of female artisans, we promote gender equality, providing women in villages with opportunities to gain some independence, and therefore strengthen their families and communities. 





We scour the local Egyptian markets to find the best artisans to partner with, who have unique designs, excellent craftsmanship and work ethically.


Some products are original designs by the artisans themselves, often passed down from generation to generation. But many are exclusive to Baladi Home, reimagined and modernized designs drawn by our founder inspired by the rich cultural artifacts of Egyptian civilizations. She then collaborates with the artisans to make them come to life to fit your contemporary home.


The artisans create small batches of the new designs ready to send to our warehouse in the US. Following fair trade standards, the artisans are paid fairly and in full before the product leaves the country, meaning none of the risk is on them.


Baladi Home sells the artisan products on our online store, providing Egyptian artisans from the most remote villages with an international marketplace that values their time-honored craftsmanship. This creates the most direct connection between the Egyptian artisans and you, without traditional retail markups.


Baladi Home reinvests the proceeds back into the artisan communities through new collaborations and productions with our artisan partners in Egypt. We also provide medical convoys, as well as literacy classes, business workshops, product development help, and help with acquiring tools and raw supplies through our partner on the ground.